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Yep, George guilty as charged for being asked for my thoughts/suggestions on the NMLRA/NRA In-line matches by the president of the organization. Even as I was the rifle maker for 1st 2 In-line Hunter AGG National Champions. I was a proponent of change for the better.
BTW: A Knight won last year, the 3rd year with a mass produced hunting rifle. After all, it is and always has been called the "In-line 'HUNTER' AGG".

Simple, create 2 additional matches for Custom rifles and change the In-line AGG to only 'mass produced hunting rifles'. That would not only include the out of date mass produced rifles such as White, Austin & Halleck, etc. also todays in-lines CVA, Knight, Remington, Traditions & T/C.
Match 859, Custom (any in-line) can shoot the mid-range match 100, 200, 300.
Match 860, Custom (any in-line) can shoot the M5 long-range match 100, 200, 300, 400, 500.

Better to be known as creating, hosting, supporting, shooting in matches than one that is not..

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