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Originally Posted by ronlaughlin View Post
The confusing chart is deleted, as is any reference to velocity. My confusion remains.
Ron, those who have been following your testing might understand.

However others that haven't been following right along, only understand that you shot a bullet at 25yds, with a muzzle velocity of approximately 1600fps using 80grs volume of BH209. Thus showing what the bullet does using that charge at that range.

At the same time, I would suggest most of those reading might be wondering why the test was only done with 80grs, when the majority of hunters use charges of 100+grs.

If you're intent is ONLY to identify what a bullet does at 25yds with an 80gr volume charge, then the test is what it is.

However, if there's an attempt to show how a bullet might perform at any other or longer ranges using any other charge and velocity, an explanation should accompany any chart or the reasoning.
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