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Default attention ohio deer hunters new regs in proposal

if you hunt deer in ohio on public land .there is a proposal that you can only harvest 1 doe per year on public land & as of dec 2 2018 on public land only ,you will only be permitted to harvest antlered deer only on public land . so you WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO HARVEST A DOE ON PUBLIC LAND AFTER DEC 2 . i think this proposal is BULL CRAP! i myself do 99% of my hunting on private land but still think this is bunch of bs. ok my issue is what if you are hunting the extended gun season or muzzy season on private land & you shoot a doe which would be legal& it takes off & dies on state game land 500 yrds away. now what happens . you have a dead doe & can not legally RETRIEVE IT.. it died on state land & you can't harvest a doe after dec 2 .so it is a wasted dead do you think anti hunting groups are going to see this! huh? come on odnr what the heck are you thinking?
first you say there are way too many deer in ohio & now all of a sudden , can't kill deer on public land . come on odnr GIVE ME A BREAK!

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