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Originally Posted by Feirmeoir View Post
Thank you, I definitely know the type, it's the norm in British hunting culture. Although, I am surprised that this sort of environment is so in American hunting, I was under the impression that US hunting culture was a lot of more salt-of-the-earth and proletarian.
It is for the most part. Those who don't have connections can hunt on public hunting land. Those who are interested in spending some money can get in on a lease, club, or pay an outfitter to get on private land. Some people save a while and buy their own land to hunt, anyone with the interest can eventually pick up prime spots, regardless of their income.

I am pretty sure fox hunting with dogs & hounds is the exception rather than the rule. I do have a buddy in Virginia whose daughter wanted to get involved, he has some land, so he bought a pack of hounds and a couple horses. Of course, the daughter grew up, got married and moved away, he was able to sell or give the dogs away, but he still has an empty kennel and 2 horses that he has to feed and maintain for the next 20+ years.
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