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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
I don't know if there is such a thing in the NE US. There are traditional fox hunts in SE PA, "Red Coats" riding to the hounds. However, the hunts are done by the very wealthy with large land holdings who keep stables and kennels for their horses and hounds and it is invitation only and big social events and the average person does not get invited. I just Googled foxhunting clubs in NE US and there are several. I did not open and read each one bit they all seem to be for people who have their own horses and dogs .

Thank you, I appreciate it. We can use our horses, but needing one's own pack might be an issue, it's one thing to have 2-3 gundogs of one's own that are also family pets, it's an entirely different thing to keep a personal pack of Beagles, that's a lot of dogs and in larger packs they bond with one another more than any human, so they're not really people dogs and a huge hassle to keep for most of the year when you're not hunting. It used to be that each college at Oxford and Cambridge, along with each of the good schools and social clubs would maintain a pack for use by alumni, students and members, but not anymore because of the legal reality and I don't know if anything analogous exists in the United States. Paying fees or anything wouldn't be a problem, if I could just find a club or a lodge!

When you say SE Pennsylvania, do you mean the Philadelphia area? That's certainly a reasonable distance.
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