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Tufrthnails, liked the fact that you passed, hopefully they make it through the season and you get a chance at a larger deer next year. I'm so use to only one buck here in PA I try to be a bit more selective. Just got off the phone with a friend who missed a really nice 9 here in Dec. let him know I got pic's of said buck on a few consecutive days between our stands and he made it through our final season. Believe he's already dropped one side. He should be quite a handsome buck in the Fall of '18 (we figure he's currently 3 1/2 yrs old), we'll keep an eye (camera) on this guy.
In closing I'd like to say....Hope you had a good year. I'll be in FL at the end of Feb., hog hunting some private land near Inglis and fishing out of Punta Gorda. Looking forward to some warmer weather.
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