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Bergers are designed to penetrate 2" then violently expand, as long as the jacket is not compromised by fast, sharp rifling. I have kills to 840 yards on whitetails, and don't see much difference in performance at 800 vs. 500, except on close range I sometimes get either an exit, or find nothing but fragments. but they are doing what they were designed to do, maximum tissue damage. this is 140's at 3180 fps, soon as my big 7 is rebarrelled will work with 180's, and will do some loadwork with 300 hybrids in my 338 edge.

edited to add: they'll expand at less than 1800 fps, but not as quickly at higher velocities, I have had the tough 160 accubonds expand at 1500, complete penetration leaving a Nickel sized exit wound. thats what you don't want with burgers is an exit, they work best if they totally expend their energy inside the animal.

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