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Default Ridge Runner hunting with Bergers?

Ridge Runner and whoever else has had long range hunting kills using Berger bullets.

What I'm going to ask I already know but it's the further end of the spectrum I'm wondering about.

I was curious on how well that small little hollow point would open at further ranges as the velocity dropped off. Yesterday I got the opportunity to finally test the 170gr .277 EOL on a bull elk at 400 yards two broadside shots. One I stuck through the shoulder and the other right behind the shoulder. Both drilled a golf ball size hole through to the other side. The one behind the ribs exited of course and the shoulder hit was laying just under the skin. So in reality perfect bullet performance. There was about a 1/3 of the left on the recovered bullet. That is a lot less bullet than I expected given the original weight, but that was blowing through two shoulder bones.

As you increase the range the bullet slows down and regardless you know your going to retain more bullet weight after impact. Now according to Berger 1800 fps is the go/no go range on fps. So here's my question.

At 7800ft in altitude starting elevation my cut off is 1200 yards at 1795 fps and 1216 ft lbs of energy. Not saying I'm ever going to shoot at a animal anywhere near that distance. My question is have you found a yardage distance where the Berger starts to not be so rapidly expanding?

I don't mind what the bullet did inside the animal. You could of put a softball through the hole in the lung. Nothing is going to live through that.
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