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Default Stay away from COLORADO MOUNTAIN &PLAINS OUTFITTERS Colorado Outdoor Adventures

I wanted to hunt in Colorado for pronghorn for the longest time and I have been in contact with Dennis Hurrell who apparently is a booking agent.
And I can tell you he'll make you believe a lot of things that don't even exist.
I had been spectacle about this guy from his telephone conversations, but apparently from what he said there were tons of pronghorns. This not like in Wyoming where hundreds of pronghorn come to the Hayfield and you pick and choose which one you want.
So he said call Mark would be happy to answer any of your other questions.
Called Mark, who just like Dennis, said there were lots of pronghorns. He said that they would have a blind set up on water holes, another blind set up on pinch point , True fences, there are tons of animals, you just have to pick and choose which one you want. So I sent my deposit. During the spring and summer, I had been trying to call Mark, but he never answered his phone. I tried to email him but he only answered whenever he felt like it. Called Dennis Hurrell a couple weeks before the hunt and he never answer it or even returned my call. Two days before the hunt Mark sent me an email saying let me know the time you arriving. So I made my 30 Hours drive. I called Mark to let him know where I was on Saturday, two hours before I get there. On Sunday, after I purchased my license , I call call Mark and his story all of the sudden changes. ...Well this year has been really raining and wet, pronghorns are all scattered all over and there is water everywhere. It is going to be a hard hunt, sunflowers are about 3-4 feet high which will make really hard to bow hunt. And I said to Mark would've been nice if I knew all about this before I make 30 Hours drive. Mark then says, hurry up I have two guys waiting for you at the house and they will take you out on an evening hunt. I get there about 3pm. I finally found the house . And sure enough, there was nobody there. After 30 Hours Drive to find no one waiting for your client is pretty stupid! I Called Mark back he said I'm going to call my partner Scott and Dennis to come and get you to take you out. If they don't show up I will take you to the honey hole in the morning. I waited for 3 hours and no one showed up. Well I get my bow out and start practising a few shots. Now it's about 6 o'clock and someone comes out from house beside where I was staying. Sure enough, it was Scott, Mark partner. I'm talking with Scott and apparently Mark never called him I ask Scott where are all the animals that were on my hayfield. He said this year we have had too much water Pronghorn, there scattered all over, they don't need to come to the hayfield. Anyways Scott said I'm going to the ranch to start the generator, if my girlfriend is not coming with me I my take you for ride. Well I got a lucky cause his girlfriend didn't go. I jumped with him on the truck and we went to the ranch. He showed me where the ranch was. I saw 2 bucks on a neighbour's property and 2 other ones on his property. He started his generator and drove right back. Scott said Mark will be here first thing in the morning it will take me to the blind. A short time later Dennis Hurrell came in to tell me that had he seen 20 pronghorns and two little one coming to his blind on the waterhole. He could've shot them but they were too small.
Next morning Mark showed up about half hour late. He and his partner they took me to the blind by now it's daylight. As far you can see they was not even one pronghorn in sight. Set on the blind for couple hours glazing as far you can see. Only saw one on the neighbour property. I got out of the blind lock around the waterhole, not even 1 foot print.

Glass to my left They were 3 water tanks about 400 yards
Gloss to my right there is another big pond
Went and did a little bit scouting and saw about 6 bucks which two of them were small
Called Mark and he never answered. Now as bow hunter I tried to put a stolk on one of the small pronghorn, how can I shoot through 3-4 feet high sunflower.

Is like hunting Whitetail on standing corn

Called Scott and he told me that if he had time he was going to show me on the other side of the ranch.
Hunted a scout for two days, there were no animals and if there were any, they were staying on the neighbour property. These people don't even know what bow hunting is and what it takes to be successful. They didn't even try to help you. They don't even know what communication is. They're lying, telling you that are animals on their property when there was none. Between Dennis and Mark, I'm not sure who lied the most!

Going back to the camp at night trying to cook something without a stove or microwave

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