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Originally Posted by stalkingbear View Post
The main reason that Mathews bows ain't got a mile of adjustments ranges is you cannot buy a new Mathews online, and it's not a problem whatsoever. Ever notice you almost never see Mathews bows for sale in Pawn shops? Because Mathews bows are ordered/sold for the buyer only, and custom fitted/specced out for the buyer. That apparently has something to do with when somebody buys a Mathews, the dealer will set it up EXACTLY to fit the buyer, so the percentage of people happy with Mathews bows and are less likely to sell them. If you have a bow set up to fit you perfectly, I really see no reason why it has to have a million adjustments capable.
I agree with you
BUT I think the reason many bows are wide on adjustments, is, so, if they ever wish to resell it has more options to others, and well, if your a kid and grow, you have that option to adjust as you do

pro's and con's to all things

the biggest part of any bow is it fitting the shooter, and the shooting liking the feel of it
the best bow in the world won't do a person any good if it doesn't fit them, or they dislike how it feels.
its why its said, best advice is GO shoot a bunch of bows before you buy, name alone means CRAP , all top line bows are GOOD today! and even most bottom line bows are still solid bows to be honest!
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