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Originally Posted by zmason1002 View Post
I was wondering if the flex tip needs velocity. I'll probably go with the RN and try and see how they group.

The tighter the fit the better then?? I didn't know if you could use a sabot for a .452 bullet with a .458 bullet for sure and I didn't want to spend the money if I couldn't use them. I'll get some crush ribs and try them also.

I also found Hornady DGX in a 500 grain but I'm guessing that's a little over kill for a whitetail. But it is tempting to try them lol.

I shot the SST 300 grain flextips last year and wasn't very pleased with the performance of them.

Either and all are probably more bullet that you need.

You might take a look at this new bullet from Lehigh Defense..

These are awesome deer bullets.... I shoot them in a MMP - HPH24 black sabot

I know they are expensive as compared but in my mind they are worth it.

You can use a Sierra .451x230 for sight in, target shooting or plinking
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