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Originally Posted by zmason1002 View Post
I was looking on cabelas and I found a couple .458 bullets in the 350 grain range. The one I was looking at was a Hornady RN 350 grain .458 dia. for the 45-70 I found that MMP makes a sabot for the .458 and I was wondering if anyone had experience with that combination. I'd be shooting them out of my Knight mountaineer .50 cal. I'm thinking about trying them. The other bullet I found was a Hornady Flex tip 325 grain .458 dia. Any thoughts???

I have shot that bullet quite a bit from my ML's with that MMP sabot. It shoots very well and is a good bullet. Since it is a true rifle bullet (45-70) it stays together much better than the Hornady pistol bullets.

I would pass on the flex tip - It really does help the BC of the bullet but I feel it also lowers the effective terminal velocity of the bullet. To many times I have seen pictures of the tip push back and to the side and very little expansion occurring.

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