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I have nevber cared what the moon is< I have killed deer at all phase's of it??
best time to hunt is when you have the time,
be where the deer want to be before them and its all you need to worry about
I would worry MUCH much more about if its COLD or warm, than worry about the moon
warm/hot Novembers seems to make more activity at night than anything else does! and keeps all things staying put more

last time I was in MO< I did a week of archery and 4 days of rifle, and killed two 10 pointers, one with bow, one with gun?

a few yrs back forget when exactly, but think was last week of OCT first week of nov?

I am sure others will argue otherwise
but if you have the time, HUNT that week, if you prefer to hunt a different week and have the time hunt that??
deer are out there 24/7/365??
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