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nube, give the Slick Trick Standards a try. They have a smaller profile than the Grizz and buck the wind better than most any other broadhead I have tried out. A few years ago the old man was asked to try out a new design. It was the Solid broadhead legend or something like that. He had nothing but praise for it as far as accuracy and all. But the price they were considering was pretty up there. As far as you thinking the Grizz or any of the slick tricks having a smaller wound channel, I have never had a problem with that. They bust out a pretty substantial exit and I have yet to have less than an excellent blood trail. As far as those reapers, that is a lot of blade to push through 2 sets of ribs. Unless you are planning on putting them on some seriously heavy arrows, I wouldn't try them. Takes a lot of energy to push almost an inch and a half of blade through an animal. That's just my opinion, I'm not the archery expert the old man was but I have a pretty firm grasp on the stuff.
As for your statement Topgun3006, my comprehension is just fine. The gentleman asked about broadheads and wind. Not about what shoots best in his setup. He was asking about peoples experiences with different broadheads in higher wind situations. That has absolutely nothing to do with his setup. He is trying to pin down a broadhead to try that people have experience with in windy situations. He seems perfectly fine in his experience level to know the other stuff as far as shooting within his range limits and knowing how to set his rig up.
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