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Hunterslife thank you and really is the way I am thinking but like I said I do not have experience with wind.

Funny thing today tho is it was raining and had 35mph wind gusts so I went shooting.
At 60 yards I was a whole 10 inches in a sidewind. At 40 yards was about 4 inches. 30 and 20 yards was not enough to worry about. It taught me a lot.
My group on the 60 yards was about a 6 inch group. Not great but I have not shot in a while and never in wind like this. I feel like my max range today was about 50 yards on animal and was consistant.

That was with field point though and hopefully when I get some broadheads tuned up I will give it a go again.

To answer one question, it is in November and very cold. It could be minus 15 or more.

I plan on using a Grizztrick or a Grim Reaper Razortip for this sheep hunt.

Pros on the Grizztrick are passthroughs. Negatives are a smaller hole and wind drift possibilities.

Grim Reaper the pros are less chance for wind drift. Negatives are less penetration and a chance for a broadhead failure in opening.

I also think a fixed will be better if I do make a bad shot and hit it not in the most ideal areas of the body.
Those are my thoughts and what I am thinking. It is nice to talk to guys with experience about these types of things.

Topgun--- Again.... this is not an ethics thing. Its about wind drift and use of broadheads. I live in Alberta. I have shot 9 bighorns in my life at the age of 41. This draw I have is one of the top draws in the province and the chance to shoot a 180-200" ram is pretty good. I will never get this draw again. When I hunt I do things right.
I have hunted all around the world on multiple hunts. I'm headed for Marco polo next November in fact. I have some experience hunting and have killed more Boone and crocket bucks than most people see in a lifetime. I know about ethics so you are preaching to the wrong guy. You can twist that however you want and types like you usually do.

Anyone with some experience on shooting high wind and the use of broadheads is greatly appreciated. Any thoughts on anything to try out I am open to ideas and I am not afraid to try it out or take suggestions. Thanks for all those that have given some info
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