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Originally Posted by Topgun 3006 View Post
Please don't be a smartazz just because you got answers you didn't care for! It's not becoming, especially from a person that is brand new to the site! You got your answer from me and the others to shoot what flies best from your setup and if you don't like our answers then too bad! YOU should know what your limits are with ANY equipment you're using and asking anyone out on the net just makes it sound to me like you're asking for people to condone stretching the distance past the limit you should have for yourself. When you're on the hunt you'll know what the conditions are each day and what you can do or not do depending on the distance and wind!
You are the one who seems not to like other's answers. Just because the person is new to this forum, does not make them new to hunting. I would guess quite the opposite if he is serious enough to head to Alberta to hunt sheep, not only $ involved but being in physical shape and mental shape for that kind of hunt. I do not have an answer for the op, I live 50 miles from the Missouri Breaks in Montana, I have friends who have drawn this coveted tag and hunted with a bow, successfully. Do your research, perhaps reach out to a forum by your bow maker and see what other's have used for sheep, goat, even mulies and elk, they are animals where the wind blows. One correction I will make to your original post, I am guessing you will be hunting this FALL...not winter....fall will be cold and snowy enough in Alberta I am sure, good luck with your hunt.
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