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I would shoot what ever head fly's best from your set up
if you like to test in cross winds
get a leaf blower and have someone blow a cross wind at assorted distances both YOU from target, and them off to the side with blower, (NO need to use MAX wind here either, but it can be a way to see what fly's differently!
I personally am NOT a fan of long shots with a bow, yet I know countless guys that take them and have success!
its a personal game to be honest, stick to your comfort zone and set distances you WON"T shot past and stick to them, shooting anything rifle bow or?? past your skill and comfort level, will never be good more times than not!, why risk it, and YES I know a sheep hunt isn';t cheap
I prefer to do what's right than not, and I practice what I preach, I shot a wounded buck a small buck on a very costly Alberta deer hunt, due to, to me it was the right thing to do
being right/fair/ethical isn't always cheap LOL
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