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Default and Medice Present: July Giveaway - Stay Safe This Summer!

Welcome to the July 2017 forum contest – giveaway! Thank you to all those who participated in our previous contest . If you participated in June but didn’t win, now is your chance to try again and win great prizes. How do you participate, you ask? Easy!

Have you ever been out in the woods or on the water and had an incident where you needed to rely on your own wits, supplies and preparedness? wants to hear about those stories! To participate in this contest, users need to post their own personal experience to this contest thread where a first-aid kit came in handy while far away from civilization. It doesn’t matter if you’re out in the woods, swamp, in the air or on the water, we want to hear about it! Winners will be selected and announced by 8/14/17 on this forum thread.

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1st Place - 5 Next Gen First Aid Kit®

2nd Place – 3 Next Gen First Aid Kit®

3rd Place – 2 Next Gen First Aid Kit®

Terms and Conditions

About our sponsor and prizes:

Next Gen First Aid Kit® While most First Aid Kits are little more than bandages and creams, Medici’s kit contains products that will treat, eliminate pain, and help you heal faster. Not all first aid kits are created equal; The Medicé Next Gen First Aid kit was created with the advice of a medical doctor, and contains hospital-grade supplies. We are proud to be the first to introduce FDA approved GluStitch® to the consumer market. This "skin glue" has been used in hospitals for years for "fixing" small cuts that would normally require stitches. Our kit has been called a "Pocket-ER" and once you see what's inside, you won't want to be without it.

Small to Moderate Cuts/ Lacerations
The most common injury that First Aid Kits address are cuts to the skin. Our kit was developed to handle cuts/ scrapes/ insect bites/ and all minor abrasions. But in an emergency situation, away from medical facilities, you will be equipped to deal with a deeper cut/ laceration. At-a-glance, this is the 3-step process to address such emergencies:

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