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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
The B-tards finally got me. I have been checking my account every day since people started talking about not being able to post pictures here from PB. I did it again today and I no longer can do it. What really ticks me off is of the three categories of plus, $59,00, $99.00 and $399.00 the only one you could use to post photos is the $399.00 package. They can stuff that where the sun don't shine. Now I am going to have to figure our how to move my pics off of PB to somewhere else which will not be fun since I am not a computer whiz, or even half a computer whiz.
You should be able to move them to a file or files you set up right on your computer John. I have never used any of those companies like PB, but rather have all of my photos in separate files right on my computer. All I have to do is click on the browse feature on a website where I want to put a picture and the files come up so all I have to do is click on the picture I want to post and hit download to post it. Once or twice a year I'll put them all on a backup disk in case the computer hard drive crashes so I don't lose all of them.
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