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Thumbs down Photobucket changed their policy - they ain't free no mo' !!!

Hey everybody,

If you use Photobucket to store uploaded photos to, and then publish the link to a website forum, blog, facebook, yada yada yada, etc..etc..etc.. or you know someone who does, heads up:

As seen in the subject line, Photobucket just shot themselves in the foot by not only going to a "pay to play" policy, but they now just BLOCKED all the url links and "img".... "/img" linking (in brackets not quotes) that everyone uses!!!

I just spent a few hours switching all my junk over to "imgur" and am using that now (it too is free).

Just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone uploads a link to a Photobucket photo and then goes, "W..T..F.."
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