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Default New cap GPR help?

Greetings and salutations,
Being a bit of a Black powder"enthusiast" for over 20+ years using both a Lyman Great plains flintlock (actually me first BP fire arm) and a Lyman Great plains Pistol and I recently picked up a GPR in percussion.

But there is something odd about it that makes me lift an eyebrow (in my best spock-like imitation) the hammer on the lock has quite a bit of front-to-back slack around the tumbler while the pistol and flintlock are (even after all these years) rock steady with no looseness at all.

I'm sure this can't be normal.

All so, what is the best touch hole dia for a GPR flint?, about a decade ago the original liner was replaced by a gunsmith and ever since then it's been a crap shoot if I get ignition or just a flash..I measured and the hole is slightly less than 1/16" (1.5mm ) isn't it suppose to be 5/64" (1.9-2 mm) for optimal?

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