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It is funny but after my cataract surgery, where they put long range lens in my eyes, the sights on my Great Plains Rifle and Great Plains Hunter, along with my Trade Rifles are some of the favorite sights I use.

That garden stake was a case where my new rifle showed up at the house. And the snow was about three feet deep that year. That stake stuck up about four feet. And I wanted to shoot! So I loaded up the Great Plains rifle with round ball ... leaning into the back door frame, that stake was about 25-30 yards away. And I started shooting at it. I cut the top of it off and then shot that center group through the thing. Needless to say, 30 yards is not all that far but in reality, where I hunt that is an average distance shot I get. I think right out of the box that rifle would have gave a deer a bad day.
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