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The loads I shot today were actually factory loads from Weatherby. I was able to chamber and rack fine when they were not fired. Once I fired the round, it took all my weight to get bolt to extract. Eventually a round got stuck. I was able to get it out. Again this was factory ammo.

I got home and wanted to reload. I had already prepped a while back and all I needed to do was powder and seat bullet. I decided to make a dummy round first. The dummy round wouldn't even go all the way in. Again this is my reloads now.

I then checked previous reloads that were completely done. They loaded up just fine.

I do have a new rifle as this is a Remington 700 and not the Vanguard. The loads are nothing crazy, they should chamber and eject without putting an extreme amount of force.

I don't know what is going on? Am I missing something? Hopefully this is a better explanation.

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