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cayugad, I can tell you with no uncertainty what the old man would have said to you about that. It aint the powder it's the CVA. Me on the other hand, I have absolutely zero experience with that blackhorn. That was all dad and alex. I haven't even picked his Thompson Center Pro Hunter up, yet. But Alex wont shoot anything other than that Blackhorn in her Thompson Center Impact. And I have to say, that little rifle is scary accurate in her hands. Just the other day she was banging the gong at 300 yards with me on that smokeless muzzleloader I finished of dads. That's a mighty long poke for a smoke pole. Of all of the kids, she is without a doubt the best marksperson with a rifle among us out to 600 yards. After that she can't handle the recoil from a rifle capable of the extended ranges for taking big game. Poor little midget. Hope she doesn't read this. She may be a midget but she makes up for her lack of size in pure meanness and determination.
FlaBoy18, Alex loads hers pretty much the same as I load my smokepoles. Measure, pour, start, ram, and rock onto the ramrod with about 65 or so pounds of force to seat the bullet/sabot. She says to make sure you try to be as consistent on that as you can with your seating pressure. Swiss is like that for me too. One of my smokepoles is really picky about seating pressure. Over the years, I have found muzzleloaders to be the most picky rifles about the seemingly smallest of things but it's what makes them the most fun. For me anyway.
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