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Its probably not the gun. The first thing is the Power belts many of us have had bad experiences with them , everything from fragmenting on the surface to very poor accuracy. The second major cause of no blood is high hits, when you get a high double lung hit they bleed inside and you are left with a difficult situation.
First the bullet Lehigh Bloodline 250 grain has done extremely well for me, expensive but the best for hunting[my opinion have used them since they came on the market. next the powder , try Blackhorn about 110 or a bit more this would increase your velocity considerable which increases the damage done with a good bullet.
The Harvester 300grain or less sabot is usually a good match for the CVA guns and that bullet if to tight use the crush-rib. For practice the XTP 250 grain is low priced and a good bullet.
PS study deer if you place your bullet just over the top of the heart in the large arteries there your problems will be much less.

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