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Default Pass up the attempt to find a new hunting buddy

I'm too old to find a hunting buddy. Too old to put up with newbies who haven't slept overnight in a tent and want to go to Alaska to hunt.
Still hunters out there who are use to hunting the same old place; hiding the fear of getting lost in daylight. And he's suppose to hunt with you for seven or ten days in a wilderness area.
Guy's who were never hurt and find out the pain is due to bad knees and a bad hip. Guys who think they are still 27 years old.
Guys who never fasted on a hike and got shocked when they run out of food with more than 3 days left before the float plane comes back.
A hunter who thinks he's in wonderful shape and is more than 30 lbs. overweight.
Naw, I think I'll still hunt alone. I've been nursing my knees and hips for over 60 years. Never hunted with a perfect body. One that lasts til I'm fifty. And I'm a lot more than fifty.
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