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I think it is safe to say anything electrical or mechanical can fail. With that in mind ...when I am in big woods especially when unfamiliar with the area I take the time to use the tools I carry to periodically double check that I am actually where I think I am. The GPS works well since it has maps and shows where I am in a given area. I can see the rivers, lakes, roads and terrain on my map. It is unsettling when the GPS or a compass tells me that I was wrong on where I thought I was or the direction back to the truck. It happens and using multiple nav aids helps to overcome the uncertain feeling that comes with being turned around. Compasses do have errors. That is why I always carry 2. Once my ball compass seemed to be giving false readings and I always use that to stay on a specific heading when in a swamp or other area where there aren't distant objects to line up on. It turned out I had a 2 way radio on the inside pocket and it was biasing the compass. I pulled out my silva and when they didn't match I figured it out.
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