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I always carry one when I am hunting big woods or out west. I also carry 2 compasses and often a map when available. I use good old fashion dead reckoning and my compasses for most of my nav needs but use the GPS as an additional tool. The GPS is especially good when hunting big woods like in Maine where a thick swamp separates the ridge I am on with the truck parked at the end of a logging road. Often there is a nice moose trail which takes the easy way across the swamp and locking in a way point on both sides gives an easy way out at the end of the day. That tool allows me to confidently stay a little longer on the ridge then navigate to the near end of the moose trail. My GPS has topo maps too which is nice because it gives a good picture of what is ahead. If I want to hunt a saddle up on the mountain I can bring it up and set a waypoint electronically in the notch and then go to it easily. In the event of a GPS failure I still have the compass to get me back to the truck even if it takes me across some rougher crossings. One hunting partner Rob bought a newer version which clearly shows the latest info on property lines out west. Just another tool to help the hunt as far as i am concerned. I don't know anyone who just uses a GPS without a main compass as their navigational aid. I have a nice silva hanging around my neck and a pin on ball compass on my coat to help stay on course when the sun or landmarks are hidden.

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