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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
Maybe in a small way. The problem with the way he is doing it, it's only a temporary thing. He needs to start staying on message with just 3 items and get them through Congress. Otherwise, you'll be witnessing a one term and done President. When the Democrats control the White House, they are free to undo whatever Trump is doing today.
That's supposedly the demise of Obama's legacy because much of what Obama did was by executive order. The problem right now is that Obama did get the ACA passed. Even though it is a stinker, and IMO designed to fail, leading to a public outcry for single payer, Trump just can't get rid of it because it is the law. What Trump should be doing right now is placing the greatest emphasis on true repeal. I'm afraid what will happen is that something...anything will get passed and Trump will be happy to sign anything that gets to him. Even though it will be completely useless he will no doubt call it the greatest piece of legislation passed by any President.

The real shame is that the Democrats are the minority, and they are still driving the agenda.

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