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Trump is precisely the president we need. Now if I were to "build a president" from scratch I would include many of Donald Trump's attributes in that design . . . but I would leave many other of Donald Trump's attributes out of the design. But we DON'T get to design presidents. I would gladly vote for any other more civil, self-controlled, self-effacing politician who had the balls needed to reform our government and the clear vision to reform our government along the lines Trump is pursuing. But those alternatives do not exist. I would many times over put up with the downside of Trump . . . so long as I get this upside of Trump too . . . rather than put up with some wimp Republican happy boy who is going to cave in to the news media and the Democrats so he can be well liked. Screw that.

Yes, government IS the problem. It is too big and too expensive. It also appears to be a force of opposition on its own -- which it is not supposed to be (bureaucrats are not elected and not answerable to the people). Cut that 4hit down to size. Likewise with our commitments to foreign aid to foreign governments. It doesn't seem to buy us much, so cut that 4hit down to size. Make NATO member states pay their agreed upon shares. Cut the UN down: it doesn't seem to be anything other than beat up the US at every turn.

Trump is the medicine we need. Truly.
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