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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
Maybe in a small way. The problem with the way he is doing it, it's only a temporary thing. He needs to start staying on message with just 3 items and get them through Congress. Otherwise, you'll be witnessing a one term and done President. When the Democrats control the White House, they are free to undo whatever Trump is doing today.
President Trump, with this EO is undoing what Obama has done. He is eliminating all the fat and the agency Czars that Obama put in place. Do you have any idea how many Obama Czars are on payroll right now? Look it up. Google is your friend.

Congress cannot undo this, the President has the sole ability to do this.

In case you were asleep, President Trump has indicated to Congress that his budget proposal will make significant cuts in worthless agencies like the EP and others.

He his attacking this from both side, removing Obama's inflated super fat bureaucracy and working with Congress to reduce spending on worthless alphabet agencies and at the same time increase spending on ultra important things like our depleted Military.

No need to fret, Your President has got your back.
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