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Bob H in NH
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RE Alsatian: What's in it for Obama/Clinton now that Clinton lost? Simple, neither can accept that the plan failed.

Obama's is an easier ready. His "legacy" is up for grabs, Trump's stated goals dismantle much of what he would stake his "greatness" on. If Trump succeeds, removes much of it and things improve and our country gets better, then Obama is a miserable failure. However if Trump fails trying to undo-Obama, then well clearly it's because Obama policies were just awesome. Sadly.

Hillary is a bit tougher and longer plan. She NEEDS Trump to fail miserably. She's been VERY quiet since November. She's sitting in the wings waiting and hoping for 4 years of hell, where she can ride in on her white pants-suit and rescue the world. Or she's easing into retirement, only time will tell.
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