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Bob H in NH
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The problem is Trump ruined a plan that was in place 8+ years ago. Obama and Clinton ran for president, it was going to get ugly, one was going to break ground, first woman or first black president. Simply put, it was winner take all for history!

Or was it.....

As it fell out it was clear that it was going to be a long drawn out fight, meaning at least of, possibly 2 things:
1) For sure: whomever lost the nomination, Obama or Clinton, they were finished. There'd be no coming back from a nasty fight.

2) Possibly, given a nasty fight, the republicans might just win. Thereby ending BOTH and removing the chance to make history.

In steps Bill (my theory!): IF Hillary bows out before it gets nasty, Obama is a slam dunk win. Obama agrees to make Hillary Secretary of State, so that she gets un-challengeable exposure and experience and then 8 years later runs when Obama is done. They then BOTH make history!

In steps Trump. he throws a monkey wrench in, there by :
1) Taking Clinton's chance at history
2) Threatening Obama's place in history by exposing the crap he did
3) Actually runs the chance of exposing ALL of government and elected officials as idiots and sweeping in massive change.

So here we are, they have to either stop him via obstruction or let him fail. They don't believe for a second he will fail on his own, so they have to obstruct.
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