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By the way. I'm not taking the position above that the position of the media on Trump & Russian election interference is in some sense equally supported with Trump's allegation that the Obama administration wire tapped Trump tower. Unlike the case of the alleged involvement of the Trump campaign with Russians -- where there is no public evidence of either (1) the Trump campaign working with the Russians or (2) that the Russians DID interfere in the election. That is a point which is overlooked. Were IS the evidence the Russians interfered in the election? Did they or is that just a hair-brained theory of Democrats/Liberals/Obama deep-state administrators?

Just today Wikileaks has released a massive dump of CIA documents. One of the things I saw in passing was that somehow a lot of Russian hacking tools -- software -- has been outed and is available to many hackers. Thus, if you believe that story, ANYONE could have hacked the DNC and made it look like the Russians. The basis of the judgment that it was Russia that hacked the DNC is that Russian hacking tools were used. If those tools were out in the open, there was no telling who actually used them to hack the DNC. This is very new information -- the Wikileaks dump of this story only came out today -- I don't know if this specific aspect of the story will hold up over time. It could be very significant, however. It IS still a question whether it was the Russians who hacked the DNC. This is the sole basis for the claim that Russians tampered in the election. Russia has steadfastly denied this all along. Wikileaks -- the source where the DNC emails were published from -- has steadfastly denied that Russia supplied the emails and that ANY foreign state supplied the emails for that matter. In my judgment -- and I have said this long in the past -- the best reputation for honesty among all these parties is that of Wikileaks. To my knowledge Wikileaks has NEVER been demonstrated to purvey bogus information, unlike just about every other source -- the US government, the Obama administration, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Russians.
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