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A Good Read.

It is “our job,” not Trump’s, to “control exactly what people think,” gasped MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski last month. This week’s gasp from the media assumes a slightly different form and can be translated as: It is our job, not Trump’s, to push stories about the government investigation of Trumpworld.

For months, the media, drawing upon criminal leaks from Obama holdovers, has been saying in effect: Trumpworld is under investigation for ties to Russia! Then Trump says essentially the same thing on Twitter and the media freaks out. Why does the latter merit condemnation but not the former?

Notice what is happening here: The Obama holdovers are denying the import of the very stories that they planted. Where did the liberal BBC’s story (building on a story first reported by Heat Street) on intelligence agencies receiving a FISA court warrant to investigate Russian-Trumpworld ties come from? It came from a “senior member of the US intelligence community”:

More In Article Linked Above.



Good points. Yes, it is the typical Liberal "repressive tolerance." Actions and positions of the left are tolerated; like actions and positions on the right are repressed. This is how the left/liberal world applies the First Amendment these days. OK for the left/liberal to say anything they want and must be allowed by right to say it, no matter how outrageous, no matter how much it incites criminality or riot. NOT OK for the right/conservative to say what they think, even when it is reasonable, limited, supported by academic research. "Repressive tolerance." It is not an accident. Look this up on-line and you will find an essay on this topic by Herbert Marcuse.

Yes. So far zero substantive evidence that the Trump campaign had any ties with Russians. But the media can ply that story unendingly. Trump alleges Trump tower was wire tapped by the Obama administration and the media's head explodes. Not only that, I see today that Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham have demanded Trump to present evidence for these claims. If I were Trump I would tell them go s<crew yourself. We'll release our evidence when we see fit, and if we choose to do an investigation of this via branches of the executive first, that's what we'll do. There is a thing, Johnny boy and Lindsey, called independent branches of government.

I see some of these Republican congressmen -- McCain and Graham are good examples -- of deep enemies of Trump. I hope Trump mounts a vigorous campaign to oust these senators when they are next up for election. They are enemies.

By the way. I'm not taking the position above that the position of the media on Trump & Russian election interference is in some sense equally supported with Trump's allegation that the Obama administration wire tapped Trump tower. Unlike the case of the alleged involvement of the Trump campaign with Russians -- where there is no public evidence of either (1) the Trump campaign working with the Russians or (2) that the Russians DID interfere in the election. That is a point which is overlooked. Were IS the evidence the Russians interfered in the election? Did they or is that just a hair-brained theory of Democrats/Liberals/Obama deep-state administrators?

In the case of Trump's allegation, it is not dubious on its face. The Obama administration is on record for having wire tapped various individuals which were highly dubious. They wire tapped a Fox news reporter. They wire tapped Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel. There are other dubious wire taps. It appears government people hacked into Sheryl Attkinson's personal computer because she was reporting on Benghazi in ways the administration didn't like. In the context of these facts, is it implausible that Obama would order the Trump Tower wire tapped? And let's "word smith" that just a little bit. Is it implausible that a branch of the executive -- during the tenure of Obama -- ordered wire taps on Trump Tower? I don't think it is implausible. To the extent they thought -- and I think this has been said -- that there were links between the Trump campaign and Russian groups, it would seem a certainty they wire tapped Trump.

Well, this is going to be explored further. Those who are pretending that this is some weird paranoia on the part of Trump may be surprised by how this story evolves. The article you linked suggests WHY this story is going to evolve. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and it is the Never Trumpers and the deep-state liberals and Democrats. It is, in essence, insurrection and sedition. I do not exaggerate. As I understand the findings of the 9th Court of Appeals' discussion of Trump's original travel ban executive order, they challenged it on the basis that no evidence of the danger which the order purported to remedy was presented and that the order would be effective. That is a political decision, a political judgment. Judges are not empowered constitutionally with that authority or mission statement. They are solely to judge whether the order was lawful: did Trump have the authority to issue the order. That overstepping of the judiciary is an instance of sedition and violating constitutional division of powers. There is a serious battle happening in our country right now. A battle to restore and maintain constitutional governance.

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