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Originally Posted by rockport View Post
LOL nothing like fooling the very bunch of dummies that accuse Trump of Russian collusion and anything else they can think of WITH NO PROOF into screaming to anybody who will listen on social media and national TV how insane it is to make accusations WITH NO PROOF.

You really can't make this stuff up
And unlike the NO PROOF Russian collusion story, there are precedents of the Obama administration ordering dubious wiretaps. See the linked article below. Thus, there is at least plausibility in Trump's charge -- plausibility created by a known history of Obama wire taps.

An interesting thing I note is that Obama's defense seems to be a kind of lawyer speak and word parsing. He is saying the white house never interfered with other departments of government carrying on their investigations. Whoa! Wait a minute! Those branches of government ARE the executive branch of government: they are all, as it were, the instruments and tools of the president. Even further of interest -- I misspoke above -- it isn't actually Obama who is denying anything and parsing words, it is a mouthpiece for the former Obama white house that is denying and parsing words.
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