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Originally Posted by steve4102 View Post
This has little to do with "what" they got, and everything to do with "Why" they got.

The Democrats and the Media set this up.

They convinced a federal Judge to allow a wiretap of then Candidate Trump.

The content of the tap means nothing.

The Media and the Democrats will spin this.

They will soon report that Trump colluded with the Russians and the evidence is so overwhelming that a Federal Judge was convinced enough to issue a Warrant to Tap Trump's communications.

Then they will report, that due to National Security concerns, we cannot release the tapes, but you can rest assured that they are proof that Trump colluded and should resign or be impeached.
Jeez... I'm becoming more and more convinced the only way to drain that swamp is with dynamite.

How in the world do they ever get anything constructive done, seems they spend the majority of their time back biting, scheming and planning sabotage.
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