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Originally Posted by Grouse45 View Post
I agree but witness marks on the rod can really easy keep this from happening. At the range i use the ultimate range rod and set the charge height indicator always to try and avoid any issues. I also recommend going to the range alone. To many people talking really can screw up a routine that you have in place.
Agreed. I have witness marks on all my rods. The safest I feel is always on my own range, although its only 100. I'm always very concerned when I go to the club to shoot long range. Loading a muzzleloader around others, especially after hanging targets at 300 and 400yds, gets a lot of attention and questions. I sometimes have to double and triple check. I always go during the week when most are working, just to try to be alone. Also, I just can't push out a load like most, so paying close attention is a must.
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