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Originally Posted by BarnesAddict View Post
I don't ever recall any muzzleloader that has just blown up/erupted all by itself, all alone just setting in a safe or hanging on a wall. Anyone else know of this phenomenon ever happening????

The phrase of "operator/loader error" seems to be used to justify or as an explanation way to often. Double loading happens and can happen, no matter how good or cautious the loader. It only takes one little thing, one time.

Long time muzzleloader shooters use a phrase, one that's been used since muzzleloaders first started being used and still holds true:
Its not a matter of it, its a matter of when
I agree but witness marks on the rod can really easy keep this from happening. At the range i use the ultimate range rod and set the charge height indicator always to try and avoid any issues. I also recommend going to the range alone. To many people talking really can screw up a routine that you have in place.
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