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Originally Posted by jerry d View Post
Has this ever happened to any of you. It started last year, sleeping in when I should have been in the stand, getting out of the stand when it was still light. Even passed on a respectable shooter.

Yesterday was the rifle opener(11-19) rain, wind so I didn't go. This morning perfect morning, didn't go. I get a phone call @ 8AM,my hunting pard thought I was in the stand, he shot a nice 8pt. needed a hand getting it out told him i'd be there in 1/2 hour(our stand are a 10min. walk apart) he ask why..."because i'm still home".

Went out this afternoon about 1:30 back in the truck @ 3:00 headed home. I guess i'm loosing the passion.

How the heck do I get it back?!?
I cannot tell you the answer. I didn't have time years ago due to work, but once I got married and moved closer to the family farm, my passion for hunting grew even more once again. Plus I am in a small circle of friends that are always pumped up to shoot big deer, so they get me pumped as well...
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