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OK MY 2 cents
if he never say YOU, he really has NO idea what happened, so there is NO reason he wouldn't come back
a prime example and a funny one is
I had a good buddy come hunt my place, and he is KNOWN for messing up at time of shot
he missed the same buck 4 evenings in a row hitting a tree or shooting under the deer, and each time, the buck bolts, snorted and then he walked away
ALL clean misses (thank GOD)
and then a week later he actually killed it , a 120 inch 8 pointer!
in my many yrs bow hunting (30+) I have had several bucks, get spooked by silly things like dropping something or? actually getting busted and still came back next day or later in the season if a buck left the area every time something spooked it, they would never have a home range, be on the run all the time and thats a way there WAY more likely to get killed and THEY know it
if there is a reason for the deer to return and its on its home turf, they will come back
look at it this way, odds are that buck walked thru there hundreds of times and NEVER had anything happen, the ONE time something does, ain't going to chase it away forever, all the more so if its NOT sure what even spooked it, for all t know a BIG branch fell or?? some idiot just happened into his area and then left HAHA!
(just teasing here LOL)
it can be best to give the area a little cool down time, but that honestly comes down to how many places you have to hunt and IF that deer seen YOU or not
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