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Default Will he come back?

So I had a nice 8 walk down my clearing last night. I had dumped some doe estrus on the ground and he came quickly from a 100 yards out. I couldn't draw back without him seeing me because he was walking straight my direction. Once he past my stand I decided to draw back. He never slowed down and started to walk into the woods away from me. With me being nervous (woulda been my first big buck) I decided to try and shoot him in the shoulder although he was walking at an angle away from me. Long story short I missed right by him. He took off in the woods and I heard him stop once and blow. After that was silence. I got outta my stand to check my arrow. No blood, no hair, no anything. Got back in my stand hoping he would randomly come back. He never did. So my question is will he come back anytime soon? Although he looked my direction once he never seen me. Sorry for the long post, thanks.
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