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Default Bad shot or bad luck?

A 7 point came in tonight. 22 yards, broadside, standing still. Home run shot, at least I thought.. I was using my crossbow tonight so I watched the bolt impact through the scope, then immediately "Bounce" straight back out. The buck ran about another 30 yards away then stopped and looked around. He stood in that spot for almost five minutes, then went back to eating acorns... I watched him through the binocs for the next 25 minutes as he slowly fed away.... Slight trickle of blood coming from his shoulder... I guess I hit that shoulder bone perfectly and it just bounced my bolt right back out. I recovered the bolt and there is hair and a little blood on the broadhead. Nothing on the bolt at all. Also, the broadhead is bent. Shooting 100gr rage hypodermics... Bummed it happened but at least it looks like the buck will be fine. Just a weird shot.. So bad luck or bad shot? I really thought I had a dead buck when I took the shot.
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