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reconyx game camera, Buck eye cam's
are about the tops and there price tags show it

I have had very good luck with Cuddybacks, have a few that are 10+ yrs old and still working, running 24/7/365 too!

but to be honest minus the top two on my list, I have seen fiolks buy a few of each and some work GREAT and some suck of same model

its like buying a puppy some times, pick of the litter
seems all the lower end camera's don't have as tight of a control over QC as the top two??

but I do know, MOST times you buy sub 200 dollar cam's
you can get JUNK
slow wake up, slow trigger speeds and poor pic quality, or battery life, or just not happy some days and work great others??
I think humidity and moisture ate a cam's biggest issue's
small amounts of even condensation on circuit boards plays heck with there brains at times?/

but if you want pretty flawless cam's
you have to open the wallet

NOT saying cheaper cam's don't work have a few that do great, but back to pick of the litter, can buy 4 like cam's and have 2 that work great and 2 that SUCK
they just they can be hit and miss!

been running trail cam's since the mid 90's
so been at this a long time, maybe went thru about 75 cam's over the yrs, too many crooks in my area?
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