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Perhaps they sound hollow to you, however, those thoughts clearly indicate that the cry from the left that the 2nd amendment refers to organized militias only is totally not true. In addition, black slaves at that time in history were not considered people, they were chattel. You have to look at things in the perspective of the time. I do not believe human beings should own human beings, however, since black village chiefs were selling captive blacks and even people from their own villages to the Arab slave traders, I have a hard time getting too sanctimonious over slavery during the early days of this country. You really need a history lesson, other than titled people the colonists and even the people of England were not much more than slaves to serve the Crown. That is the perspective the words of the founders was coming from. Not all the founders were slave owners and some were against slavery, however, they had bigger fish to fry, you know, like starting a new country.

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