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I use #4s copper plated Winchester Surpreme 3 inch rounds and have for years. I did use 6s but found 4s game me more distance and far better penetration. My 4s do just fine. My farthest? 57 yards and it was a Boo-boo....I had the hen in which brought the Tom in. I jumped the gun as I got excited.
After the shot, on my strut to my flopping Tom, I always mentally count my steps. When I reached 26 steps to where the hen was and I still had far more distance to the Tom - I just shouted what the heck did I do? Had I known I would not have taken that shot.

Now my Remington 11-87 is patterned just fine to 60 yards but I want under 20 yards or even closer. Is part of my game.

Passed on 3 strutting Jakes today at 6 paces! Up close - so close I am thinking of trying a spear!

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