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I have not tried the Magnum Blend, but have tested the new Hevi-Shot Triple Beard (#5,6,7 shot). The Triple Beard gives the best pattern out of my son's 20ga Weatherby with a Hevi-Shot choke. It has an even pattern from 10-40 yards, and then opens up too much for reliable shots past 45. The 40-45 'zone' is the maybe area, but he's not steady enough to take a shot past 35 (so we're both happy).

The Triple Beard did not outperform the Winchester Long Beard XR #6 out of my Ithaca with a Long Beard XR Choke. I can't even justify spending the money to try the Magnum Blend with the patterns I get at 50 yards with the Long Beard...

It shoots the Triple Beard well, so I may try the Magnum Blend next season in my son's 20ga. However, given how well his gun shoots the much cheaper Triple Beard ($13 for a box of 10 on sale at Cabelas), I doubt it...
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