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Default Mag blend test

well I read a post about somebody shooting mag blend at "60" yards at a real estate sign and ripping hole through it... I couldn't stand it so I did a little test of my own...

I took some pretty thin sheet metal from work... This metal was thin enough that you could bend it in half with one hand... Took this 2'x3' sheet and shot it at 50 yards... Laser range finder verified... Plus I paced it off and was right on the money!!! Sat the sheet metal against a old lawn chair and let one rip... The mag blend 3.5" shell snatched the metal off the ground!!! Inspected and found that only about 5-7 holes in metal wich appeared to be the #5's... The rest of the shot even the #7's seemed to put some really pronounced dents in metal... Then I took another sheet and shot a long beard XR #5's 3.5" and there was no sign of a pellet even thinking about comin through... The dents were less pronounced!!! So I've reconsidered my thoughts on heavi shot...

But to the guy who said "it put holes in real estate sign at "60" yards... BS!!!
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