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Here we go team, tagged out in Missouri. Shot first one sat morning. Called him and his running buddy in with their two hens they were courting. They flew down about 100 yards to my left and strutted slowly in to gun range. Shot the strutter at 30 yards.
Sorry but my scale is stuck on KG's and I'm having no luck getting it to switch over to lbs. It can be converted to lbs.

Eastern, 4-23-16, 6:45 am.
Mo. shotgun
7.85 KG , 17 lbs 4oz.
Beard 11 1/2"
R spur 15/16"
L spur 7/8"

Had to set out yesterday due to only one bird the first week but was back after it this morning the start of the second week. Back in the same field as sat but in the corner where they had roosted on sat. The gobbler flew down to the south in a power line and went over a small hill out of sight following a hen. 30 min later the hen came back right to me but no gobbler, 15 min later he fired up again and a few yelps later he was standing at 25 yards where I dropped him.

Eastern 4-25-16, 7:20am
Mo. shotgun
9.50 KG , 20 lbs 14oz.
10" beard
r spur 3/4"
L spur 1 1/16"

Will send pics to phil.

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