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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
the term "violation" is a lie, voting is a right and a choice, you can't do it wrong, even if you don't vote, his flyer chastised folks for not voting in an accusatory tone, then begs for a vote, that is not only lying its fraudulent. yeah brush it off and I'll define violation for ya.
First off, voting isn't a right. It's a privilege. There is no constitutional right to vote. Yes, you can choose not to vote. No question about it. The majority fall into this category. However, violation is just a word. Violation of what? And so what? No where on here does this say its a State Government letter. Nowhere on there does it state there is any penalty other than an implied one that your neighbors may find out you didn't vote. We may send a follow up letter afterwards. So what? When you vote, do you take a little sticker and put it on your shirt? Aren't you afraid your neighbors may know you voted? Oh my!

Where is the begging for a vote? All I see is a get out the vote drive not where is say vote for Ted Cruz.

It's funny, I get letters like this daily in the mail. Whether it's refy my VA loan, life insurance or extension of car warranty. Are those a lie too?

You guy may not like the flier. You may not like the fact Ted Cruz cleaned up in a state that Donald was predicted to win the day before the caucus. What you haven't been able to show is anywhere a lie was made. That's not my fault. It's your problem.

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